Üthandöö L.Jul 13, 2022
Good work deserve good recommendation I saw testimonies from several people on this page talking about Miss Jennifer Smith and i also decided to give it a try if i would share mine also. I made an…Read more...
Ibrar U.Dec 11, 2021
Great company also working environment is very friendly. they pay on time and they talk very polite and very nice and cooperative staff.
Keynes O.Dec 9, 2021
Friendly and great staff. Great job rate and great pay. Enjoy working with Matrix and recommend it.
Charles M.Dec 3, 2021
Working at Matrix is AMAZING! Thy offer full payroll support and competitive wages!😀
K O.Nov 25, 2021
TylerNov 23, 2021
Very understanding, Very easy to work with. Great experience!
R C.Nov 23, 2021
Gourav S.Jan 29, 2021
This is good company. All are familiar
Dilpreet S.Jan 27, 2021
Great experience working with matrix.
Navi G.Jan 27, 2021
I recommend To work with Matrix because of pay rate and helpful staff.
PandherJan 27, 2021
Worked with Matrix and it was really incredible experience. All thanks to Friendly Staff like Rosa.
Raul Gpe P.Jan 27, 2021
Great company also working environment is very friendly
Garry S.Jan 27, 2021
Its good company i worked there they pay on time and they talk very polite
Danish D.Jan 27, 2021
Best company to work with 👌🏻
Yogesh K.Jan 27, 2021
Very nice and cooperative staff . Best company
ਹਰਮਨ ਕੌਰ .Jan 27, 2021
One of the nicest companies to find great work
Mansirat Kaur D.Jan 27, 2021
I had very good experience working with Matrix. Staff is very helpful.
Rock B.Jan 27, 2021
People are great and very helpful.
Amardeep K.Jan 27, 2021
Good experience with Matrix.
Contreras T.Aug 23, 2020
Excellent company
Fercho P.Aug 21, 2020
I recommend Matrix LA our Leasing Ltd because I have had the pleasure to work with them and in my experience Ive seen that their company has fenominal group ethic. As well they really take in…Read more...
Emy T.Aug 21, 2020
Well my opinion of Matrix Labour Leasing Ltd is very positive. The reason I highly recommend this company is because they always provide jobs to everyone as well care about the well being about their employee.
Carlos N.Aug 21, 2020
Mayra P.Aug 18, 2020
Is a really good service good treat for the workers and clients it was a good experience to be part of the group
Chad F.Aug 14, 2020
Matrix creates opportunity for many hard working people, providing top value service and excellent customer relation.
Henry Cabrera C.Aug 14, 2020
Etseban josue Vargas T.Aug 13, 2020
Chris W.Aug 13, 2020
Great service, when you have un planed tasks pop up Matrix can get you the qualified personnel to complete the job .
Highly recommend
Matrix R.Aug 13, 2020
Great team to work with very professional and very friendly environment :)
Luis Cepeda Jul 8, 2020
Jose Ramon H.Jul 7, 2020
Juan David Suarez M.Jul 7, 2020
Jeff L.Jul 7, 2020
First time working for matrix, great experience
fabian T.May 20, 2020
j.michael L.May 16, 2020
Jose Emilio A.May 5, 2020
Jonathan B.Apr 9, 2020
Paul F.Apr 6, 2020
The service was great to get me started at the job I requested in asbestos right away, like to get another project in asbestos as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and help.
Onin C.Apr 6, 2020
Dakota Melting T.Apr 5, 2020
Justeen N.Apr 2, 2020
A great team to work with, everyone is very dedicated and hardworking!
Lorne M.Mar 28, 2020
Very Freindly Staff, Matrix Leasing is great Company to work!
Todd S.Mar 2, 2020
Matrix Labour Leasing has been a great employment opportunity for me. They helped me find the job the was best for me, someone is always there ready to help every time I have needed it. My…Read more...
Kareem K.Feb 25, 2020
Nice clients, interesting projects, friendly co workers :)
Recom Enterprises L.Feb 20, 2020
Our company worked with Matrix as a subcontractors. They are very professionals great company to work with. I highly recommend them.
Kuzz M.Feb 20, 2020
I have been working with Matrix Labour Leasing since 2013 they're always looking for jobs for me I really appreciate it. Again thanks to all matrix crews who work hard to find jobs for their employees. Big up Mr. Mike.
deisi katherine chia N.Feb 19, 2020
Great Company !!!
Joey D.Feb 18, 2020
Rick B.Feb 18, 2020
claudia N.Feb 7, 2020
obadiah D.Nov 17, 2019
I've worked for matrix off and on for the past few years. They've always been a go to for me, because they've always had work when i needed it. They've also always paid me fairly and dealing with the…Read more...
Mike L.Nov 9, 2019
I started working with Matrix on and off for about 5 years. Whenever there was a shortage of work with my regular job, I could ALWAYS comeback to Matrix and pretty much start working ASAP and at a…Read more...
Leyla K.Jun 27, 2019
Richard G.May 31, 2018
Great leadership team, very organized, highly recommend for any labour call out or as an employer
Karen G.Apr 19, 2018
In today's economy it is hard to find work, Matrix Labour Leasing has all the connections, they keep us employed and are great to work for.
Joshua B.Apr 17, 2018
I heard about Matrix through a friend of mine. I met Shannon Warren and the team in the summer of 2017. They've hired numerous family members of mine and are excellent to work with. I highly…Read more...
RUUHI JEENYO M.Mar 21, 2018
Shawn M.Feb 1, 2018
Great group of people to work for.
Tara F.Feb 1, 2018
Scott R.Feb 1, 2018
Very helpful. Very friendly. Thank you.
Bret Charles C.Oct 4, 2017
Mike Jonathan L.Jun 16, 2017
Almin K.Oct 6, 2014
Working with Matrix has been outstanding. I appreciate Shannon's attention to details, expedient payment policy and integrity throughout business dealings. I highly recommend working both for and…Read more...